Phil Aubrey

After coming to Devon as a student I returned two years later to work in research and development at SouthWest Tourism later specialising in EU funded rural business support programmes. This led me to manage the Teignbridge LEADER+ Programme from 2003-2009 – a community led programme offering targeted support to ‘Improve the Quality of Life’ in rural Teignbridge. I worked closely with TCVS on projects and oversight of the whole programme.

In 2009 I turned gamekeeper to poacher joining Well UK – a new organisation based in Westbank as an off-shoot of Westbank and two other charities to bid for complex consortia contracts. I also delivered research and evaluation services as well social return on investment research and supported Westbank through GDPR. In 2012, I joined the TCVS Board where I am particularly interested in the consortia delivery models, health, sound governance and financial security.

Since early retirement I have been volunteering in several new ways. I am Vice Chair of a community larder, have several roles in my local church including wider initiatives helping internationals and asylum seekers and have been a vaccination steward.

I like to cook (not bake!) and we like walking, running and love to travel.