Teignbridge Volunteer Awards 2024


Teignbridge has a thriving voluntary sector. We are celebrating and thanking all the people who give their time to the community at an awards ceremony at Pavilions Teignmouth on Friday 15th November. 

We want to encourage as many nominations as possible from across the community, so if a volunteer or local organisation has had a positive impact on your life, we want to hear about it! 

Maybe it’s the sports coach who gave your child their confidence back; or the kind volunteer who sat with you so patiently when you were anxious about your hospital appointment; or the befriender who comes to see you every week and always makes you smile; or your neighbour who helps keep the street tidy by doing litter picks and weeding. 

Whoever has helped brighten your days, you can bet they’ve done the same for others too! We want to show these people our appreciation, because they make Teignbridge such a special place for us all. 

Our awards categories, detailed below, are based on the Vision for Volunteering; a movement to create a diverse, innovative, ambitious, equitable, and person-centred future for volunteering. You can find out more about this and see some of the great examples in the local area in this report. 

Award Categories 

Theme  Volunteer  Organisation 
Awareness and Appreciation  Someone who has raised the profile of volunteering, encouraging more people to give it a go  An organisation that has gone above and beyond to show its gratitude and appreciation of volunteers 
Power  Someone who has bravely stepped up and made a difference for a group that could otherwise go unheard  An organisation that effectively empowers its volunteers and takes on volunteer feedback and ideas 
Equity and Inclusion  Someone who helps everyone feel welcome, no matter who they are  An organisation that builds a strong sense of belonging and community for all 
Collaboration  Someone who has brought people and organisations together so that they can make an even bigger impact  An organisation that is always happy to share their ideas and resources and work together with others to get better results 
Experimentation  Someone who is creative in their approach and is great at finding innovative solutions to problems  An organisation that is doing something new and different, even though it feels risky to do so 
Balance and Boundaries  Someone who gives their time to help their community, whilst leading by example and keeping healthy boundaries  An organisation that supports its volunteers to keep healthy boundaries and look after themselves as well as others 


Star of Teignbridge  One of the above winners will be chosen as volunteer star of Teignbridge  One of the above winners will be chosen as voluntary organisation star of Teignbridge 

Stay tuned by following Teignbridge Together on Facebook for updates on award sponsors and prizes. 

How to nominate 

If you’d like to nominate someone, please email chloe@teigncvs.org.uk by Sunday 15th September to say: 

  • The name of the volunteer/organisation you’d like to nominate and for which award 
  • Your relationship to them 
  • How they have made an impact on you/others/the environment 
  • Why should we choose your nominee? 

We will contact you to confirm receipt of your nomination and to ask any follow up questions within 14 days. 

We’ll contact you again by 9th October to let you know if your nominee has been shortlisted for an award. If shortlisted, you and your nominee will each receive one free ticket to the ceremony. Additional tickets will be available to purchase from Teignmouth Pavilions for £10 each. 


We are also looking for local organisations who could support our voluntary sector by sponsoring one of our award categories for £200. In return, you can take part in shortlisting and present the award on the night (though both are optional!), as well as getting 2 free tickets, and inclusion in our keepsake programme and in all marketing for the awards ceremony. Please email chloe@teigncvs.org.uk if you’re interested.