Volunteering in Teignbridge – a picture, recommendations, a celebration

Nationally, many voluntary organisations saw an influx of volunteers during the pandemic. However, since then, volunteer levels have dropped much lower than they were previously. If this continues, our voluntary sector will not be able to continue to provide the incredible support to our communities that it is known for.

This report uses the Vision for Volunteering as a framework to help us better understand what’s working and what’s not in Teignbridge at present, so that our voluntary sector as a whole can keep supporting the community. It celebrates some of the incredible and inspirational work that our local organisations and volunteers are doing to make Teignbridge a stronger, happier place to live, work, and visit.

Thank you to NHS Devon and Teignbridge District Council for funding this report.


Read the Report Here:    Teignbridge CVS Volunteer Report 2024

Insights into post-pandemic Volunteering in Teignbridge
Compiled by Teignbridge CVS—Spring 2024

Teignbridge CVS Volunteer Report 2024


Chloe MyersLeading on Volunteer Development for Teignbridge Communities at Teignbridge CVS