Volunteering and Active Citizenship

Volunteering, Social Action and Active Citizenship is about people making a positive difference in their communities and the places they live. They may offer up their time or skills to existing groups, join together to find solutions to local problems or come together to make something happen by having their voices heard.

Teignbridge Volunteer Centre provides information and support to help people get involved with local not-for-profit organisations and groups that need volunteers to support their work, as well as support for organisations to find, and work safely and effectively, with volunteers.

Celebrating Kingsteignton's Volunteers

Want to volunteer?

Teignbridge Volunteer Centre is the information and support service for people who want to volunteer within the local area.

We help people find local charitable and community organisations that need volunteers.

Search Volunteer Connect Devon for volunteer opportunities, or find out more about how we can help...

Helping your organisations to involve volunteers