A Day in the Life Infographic

Read about what the volunteers were getting up to:

Our Wednesday Luncheon club for the elderly of the parish had 11 volunteer ladies, including people cooking, washing up, serving food etc

Our Bowling Club is run by volunteers, and encourages people of all ages to take up the sport for social interaction, health and fitness

Our volunteers are working to catalogue all the archive photos, and documents we have for future generations.

We go to the local school for giving talks, and run a competition once a year for the children to learn about the village

Our 10 volunteer councillors work towards getting the best for Ipplepen and all its residents.

I told our local Heritage centre, in Teignmouth, that I had raised enough money to present them with a Community Defibrillator and cabinet - and that it arrived today! We arranged help for a CPR and Defib' use display at Bishopsteignton 3-day Festival. I spoke to lots of businesses in Dawlish to tell them we had another Community defib' unit for the area, to get feedback on a new location. Liaised with some of the (volunteer) committee at Richard Newton Hall, Teignmouth about placing a unit there and to discuss a date for some free CPR and defib' training for them

Community Choir run by the church enabling people in the local community to come together, enjoy social time and enjoy a fun evening of singing together. People make friends and gain confidence and self-esteem through occasional performances which also raise money for the local community and other causes.

Alice, who suffers from Dementia, was able to go out for a walk from the care home where she lives, with her befriender.

On Wednesday 7 June, we invited our volunteers to our office for afternoon tea and cakes for Volunteers' Week. We used the opportunity to reminiscence about why they joined Age UK Devon as a volunteer and to share their most interesting/proud volunteering experience. We also talked about the benefits of volunteering and what skills are required.

Cathy, one of our service users helped us organised our Lunch Club for the next day

Jan, who suffers from Dementia, received her regular visit from her befriender, which provides her with a great deal of satisfaction

All different volunteers from one organisation:
•Five hours plus volunteering for Girl Guiding Devon on an Open Day in Manaton with approx. 35 guides plus the public.
• Spent half an hour litter picking for Open Daw in and around Dawlish,
• Volunteering for about half an hour as team leader/ admin for ‘Hear and Now’ talking newspaper in Dawlish today with 4 other volunteers.
• I am a volunteer befriender and will be visiting Betty in hospital as she had a fall and will be having an operation. (I went last night too)
• As a volunteer, I very much enjoy acting as a befriender and visiting people in their homes. Today I went with Linda at Teignbridge Assist for an introductory visit to meet Lizzy. This is great as it allows Lizzy and myself to decide if we feel compatible and for me to visit on my own. It’s lovely to have a chat, a laugh and brighten up their day and mine!
• Today I spent the afternoon as a volunteer helper at Crafters of Dawlish. Mostly I was sorting buttons we had donated for sale.
• I volunteered today updating a charity Facebook page.
• (2 Volunteers visited a client to do her garden.) “We cut her grass and tidied the garden front and back today. She really appreciated our company and enjoyed a chat over coffee.”
• I Returned a call to Elsa which was about her possibly going to the luncheon club next Wednesday plus a bit of a chat.
• On June 7th, I volunteered at Teignmouth Shopmobility enabling visitors and residents to access Teignmouth town centre using scooters.
• Today, I went to the home of an elderly woman severely disabled by arthritis and other conditions, and completed an application form requesting the increase of her attendance allowance from low to high rate - she had felt unable to manage the form herself.
• On 7th June, I phoned a lady I support as a volunteer and arranged to collect her mid-morning to take her shopping. She treats these shopping trips as a day out and loves dressing up to go. We drove to the Sainsbury store because she needed to stock up on quite a lot of things but between you and me it is also a magnet because of the shoes and clothes which she finds hard to resist! We have dealt with a number of problems since we were put in touch with each other and now call ourselves friends. It is easy to like her and I enjoy her company. She is such a nice person and enjoys a laugh. I collected my own shopping and then went to find her. She had found some nice clothing but had not got very far with her other shopping so we had a look at her list and then I helped her to collect things. Her list is never in any order so we always have to re-arrange it to make life easier. It ended up more like the old children’s TV show, Crackerjack, with her shopping falling off as she added yet more and then some having to go into my trolley. We always have a laugh when we are together including when we have such mishaps! At the checkout she used her card to pay and was pleased that she remembered how. I then had to run out to my car to fetch more shopping bags because she did not have enough with her. This is quite usual and exactly why I had more bags in the car! We drove home nearly 3 hours later and I unloaded the car and checked that she didn’t have any post needing attention. I shall be phoning her today to check that she is ok after the exertions of yesterday too.
• I am a befriender and I visited my friend on Wednesday, June 7th, where we had a lot of laughs and reminisced about her childhood and mine.

Our volunteers are in our charity shops, so it is hard to say how many clients they helped just today.

We were able to supply food packs/toiletry packs and home start packs.

During the morning we ran our pre-school, where we we have volunteers to assist the children. In the afternoon, we had a "Family Time" drop in session run by a member of staff and volunteer to support parents with young children and provide activities for them to do together.

Sent out 2 weekly crime reports to our online coordinators

Our volunteers update the Love Teignmouth and Love Dawlish Facebook pages and Websites, these promote events and business in both towns, sharing information and promoting events is a key part of the wonderful work all the volunteers do in both towns.

The Green is a small park used by any member of the public who wishes to walk through or sit and relax.

Signposting info to CAB, allowing use of phone to ring DWP about benefits and carers line and liaison with local police.

All our volunteers are doing their bit in the run up to the annual festival in June. As well as benefitting local charities through fundraising, we also provide the residents of Kingskerswell and surrounding area with a hugely enjoyable and sociable couple of days entertainment.
Production of a very successful play at our studio theatre that was very well received by the audience attending.

We are a youth centre providing a safe, warm environment for young people, whilst encouraging their participation in a wide range of activities - On Weds 7th June this was virtual reality technology.

There was a meeting of the steering committee, all volunteers. The purpose is to determine the level of land development within Kenton Parish. For the benefit of all current and future residents.

Today, our volunteers answered enquiries from Museum visitors about their family history; they directed a Museum visitor to Teignmouth centre for wheelchair hire for shopping.
3 yoga sessions and a dance class, all for local people, also took place on our premises. Approximately 40 people were involved.

3 gents were able to share time together with others; without wheelchair-accessible transport they would not be able to attend they day-care centre. 10 elderly ladies and gents had a social trip out to a Garden Centre and had lunch together - the one day a week they go out. Passengers travelled to Newton Abbot together on the Ring and Ride Service to get their shopping. 3 hospital medical appointments were attended.

The Hospice would not survive without the selfless support of our 450-strong volunteer team

Work-based skills for the volunteers and generic youth session for the juniors, basic cooking skills for the juniors

Our passengers tell us that NACTA is their means to escape their homes, as there is little or no access to public transport and taxis are too expensive. Our volunteers enjoy enabling people to do their own shopping, attend medical appointments and socialise with others. service users. They like having a purpose to the day - and mixing with other volunteers and staff who are just as bonkers as they are!!

We took a minibus full of people who have limited mobility out to lunch and a drive along the coast

Today, to say thank you to our volunteers who share stories and bring Bradley Manor to life. we held an afternoon tea party in the property after the last visitors had left, for Volunteers' week.

We run a 'not for profit' shop, which, while it must pay its way, the aim is to provide the community with a centre for meeting, greeting and shopping at reasonable prices.

Today a Duke of Edinburgh Gold volunteer is helping with update of Kingskerswell Library Friends website, and a RVS volunteer choosing books for 6 clients.

Today, our volunteers made possible an afternoon tea club for 27, and individual befriending visits for 7.

Provision of printmaking workshop. Free gallery exhibition by an extra 26 local art society members for members of the public.
This week, one of our four Hear and Now Teams is on duty: The editor has commenced editing the Dawlish Gazette (published on Wednesday) and liaised with the Team Leader. Team members are briefed for Friday’s recording. Children from Our Lady and St Patrick Primary School, Teignmouth, recorded short pieces for the Roundabout feature ‘Young Voices’. Members of the Roundabout (Purple Team) write and record items for the June Roundabout to be published on 13 June… and Wednesday is our least busy day!

Our lovely team of volunteers keep the church open every day of the week, and give their time with flower arranging, cleaning, choir and bell ringing.

Volunteers are preparing for an open day this Saturday, which will see the whole parish invited to our Merry Medieval celebration of church history and children will get the chance to explore behind hidden doorways.

Today we have a seated exercise class that works the upper body, this is so in the case of a fall the person may be able to pull themselves up to at least a seated position. At this class, we have a 93-year-old that attends with her daughter, she has said that she does do a lot in the week up loves coming out for the class. Also today, we are running a seated yoga class and a barn dancing class. The yoga class has been a success in the case of one lady who struggled to lift her arms up flat; she took great pride in waving her arms and legs around to show how flexible she had become. The Barn Dancing has provided more than just a dance class and has become a close-knit group of friends, when one lady lost her husband they all sat with her and made sure she was doing ok. Our lunch club also provides a healthy meal and social opportunity. Two of our Wednesday volunteers have additional learning needs and we support them by helping them integrate into society by being part of the community and the volunteer team.

Bill helped Sheila get to her hospital appointment; he waited with her as she felt a bit anxious

Sally welcomed newcomers to our Cardiac Rehab session – she made them feel at ease

One volunteer visits the ships in our port, giving out clothes, newspapers, phone cards, etc., to the crew. This is through an organisation called The Apostleship of the Sea. This is invaluable work. Many of our parishioners knit hats for the seafarers and we always give Christmas and Easter present. These men and women are often away from home for nine months at a time.

Another visits parishioners who are sick and infirm, without visits they are very lonely.

Volunteer Panel met to assess applications for funding local community groups' work

53 service users had their problem solved or were assisted to improve their current situation by our volunteers. Today was actually a quieter day!

Advice on walks in the area, and things to do in the rain!

Ben got to work with his favourite horse today - he learnt how to have patience and calm and confident body language in order to have Casper trust and listen to him. He left with a big smile on his face and said how 'Casper is just like me!'

40 mainly elderly people enjoyed an evening Whistdrive, which takes place fortnightly, the cash surplus goes towards the upkeep of the Hall.
Dawlish Swimming Club is solely run by a strong team of volunteers, who are dedicated to support the club in assisting with the administration, development and progression of the friendly club welcoming swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Tour of the mine site to 10 visitors

The village hall is busy supporting community activities, specifically a committee meeting and preparing for the election tomorrow.

Having first hand primary experiences (e.g. seeing a cow close up) to lead to a greater understanding of farm processes.

Providing outdoor gardening, land maintenance and cooking experiences with a view to increasing self-assurance; transferable skills; social skills and self-confidence to improve their health and well-being

Provided mediation support venue to a family in crisis.

Social integration during lunch club and ensuring people eat well and healthily

Jean struggled to lift her arms to chest height but after taking part in Yoga she took pride in showing everyone her increased range of mobility by raising her arms over her head.

2 volunteers with additional learning needs were supported so they could volunteer here and feel part of a team and the community

Chiropody & massage services have been available and used today by volunteers

Somewhere to go to chat and socialise, to gain knowledge and to pass it on.

Girls Brigade: Working towards physical, spiritual, service and educational badges.

Womans' Fellowship: Support, company & teaching for elderly woman

Our volunteers provide low cost swimming lessons for approx. 110 local children from the ages of 5 - 18 over two hours. They do this every week.

Pilates and Tai Chi benefiting gentle exercise and mental well-being.

We are running a meditation retreat here today with the help of residential and non-residential volunteers.

Because of our volunteers, we have been able to open our Library for 2 extra hours today.

Volunteers allow us to offer our service to a wider range of young people and help us to meet their needs. There have been incidences where young people have connected better with a volunteer than a member of staff enabling BYP to support the individual. For the volunteers, BYP offers opportunities to develop skills and experiences.

Bees Information Newsletter and contact email to members, arrangements for Liverton Cubs and Chudleigh Scouts Bee Apiary Visits.

An opportunity to walk in the fresh air and appreciate local heritage.

Volunteers help people with disabilities to access the town and sea side.

Provided a friendly, safe place for local people to meet friends or simply sit on their own enjoying the proximity to others.

Our volunteers help us to run a popular charity shop to help raise funds to treat sick and injured pets
As an organisation, we support families each week at a parent and child group we organise, plus working with families in their homes who have been referred to us by other services. We also provide trained volunteers to work with the families.

5 of the 8 can only go out with the help & the use of East Teignbridge Community transport as they have mobility problems and live alone. We went to Exmouth for our Summer Outing on 7th June.
Volunteers are our trustees and help with fundraising, treasurer and administration duties.