Jayne Edwards

Social Care Link Worker

Jayne’s role as a Social Care Link worker is all about partnerships between the voluntary sector and various Social Care Systems in South Devon. Jayne and her colleagues identify opportunities to support people needing formal care and support. The social care link is about blending community initiatives. Jayne identifies frequent A&E attendees and supports them in accessing and benefitting from local community support.
Jayne has previous work experience in supporting people with poor mental health, domestic abuse, homelessness, offending and rehabilitation, witness protection, long term unemployment, gambling addiction, substance misuse. More recently, Jayne has worked to support people living with dementia and those at the end of their life.
Jayne has served in the Women’s Royal Naval Service, taught undergraduates, worked for national charities and volunteered for various organisations over several years.
In her spare time, Jayne enjoys going to live gigs and travelling. Jayne has been lucky to have travelled to many countries where she enjoys sampling different foods and cultures. Her travels have taken her to many interesting places including the amazing Falkland Islands and her goal is to visit Alaska. Jayne is also a keen cyclist– so long as the bike is electric!