A tasty, enjoyable community fundraising evening where the community decides who takes home the funds raised!
Entry is by donation: people get a bowl of soup, a tasty chunk of bread, and a vote to support the local projects that benefit their own community.
Several local community members & groups tell us about their project, idea or proposal, and the most popular initiatives get a proportion of all takings on the door, as well as a share in a donation from a local benefactor, to help fund their community-benefiting idea or project.
Community members can also offer their support in other ways, such as time, expertise or contacts.
Project SOUP is now in its second year, with SOUPS taking place in a variety of local communities including Teignmouth, Dawlish, Buckfastleigh (who are now on their 3rd SOUP) and Chudleigh. Due to Covid-19 we are now exploring online SOUP events.
If you would like us to hold a SOUP in your part of Teignbridge or online please get in touch: anja@teigncvs.org.uk

Ashburton SOUP

First ever Ashburton SOUP event is happening LIVE on 24th September 2021 

As you are actively involved in the local community, we would like to let you know about this fantastic and easy way to raise some funds for your projects or ideas that benefit people in Ashburton.

Starting in Detroit in 2010, and now run all over the UK, SOUP is a way to find out about, support, and fund local community projects. In Teignbridge Project SOUP is now in it’s third year with successful pre-pandemic SOUPs having taken place in  Teignmouth, Dawlish, Buckfastleigh and Chudleigh.

The Ashburton event is organised by Growing Space, The Methodist Church + Community, Ashburton Climate Emergency supported by Teignbridge CVS.


The idea is simple:  

Local people come together, give a donation  for a bowl of soup and two voting tokens, and listen to four local individuals or small groups who have an idea to benefit people in the local community pitch their project idea.  This can be individuals or organisations who wish to do project.

Pitchers each have the floor for up to five minutes and must rely on their passion, creativity and speaking abilities to win over the audience – no giveaways or PowerPoint.

With the presentations over, soup is served. Now you will have time to think, chat with others, and mull over the ideas before choosing your favourite.

The winning pitches each get to take home between them the money taken at the door and their share of a donation from local benefactors. They get to use it to fund their plans, with the promise they will come back to report on their progress at the next SOUP event.  

Those wishing to pitch should write a paragraph about their idea/project and send it to anja@teigncvs.org.uk by 8th September 2021. Please include: the name of the project; contact details (including an email address); a brief project summary including how you will spend the money and the desired outcomes and any practical or technical help you hope to get from your community. If you are selected to pitch, we will let you know by 15th September.

Ashburton  SOUP  

Friday 24th September 2021 , 6 pm,  Ashburton Town Hall


Click here for more information 


Remember to ask your friends and supporters to book their places to help increase your votes and chances of success!

Please forward this info as widely as possible; we are really keen to get small groups and individuals with new community ideas on board and help them to get their project off the ground. Groups do not need to have a constitution.  

Any questions? Contact us at anja@teigncvs.org.uk or on 07435 570161

Buckfastleigh SOUP

Chudleigh Bats Benefit from SOUP 

Following the successes of a number of SOUP Community Fundraising events across Teignbridge,  Teignbridge CVS and Chudleigh SEARCH organised the first ever Chudleigh SOUP which took place on Saturday 22 February. There were 45 local people present, and six fabulous pitches were made on the night with community benefitting ideas presented to a room packed full of people.

The event was generously supported by Cllr Jerry Brooks, Cllr. Lorraine Evans, Alexander Clifford as well as Gills Green Grocer, Sangers and the Co-op who supplied local vegetables and lovely fresh rolls.  SEARCH members baked cakes and children made table decorations for the hall which was generously given to us by the Town Council for the evening. The winning projects walked away with £ 944 between them.

After eating the tasty soups that were cooked by our fantastic and generous volunteer chef Andrew MacGregor, people voted on their favourite projects and monies were awarded according to the number of votes.

South Devon Bat Care, a relatively new project, won the highest numbers of votes to help build a flight pen for bats on a local field. They received £ 326.50 on the night. “ I am currently operating out off my spare bedroom so this will  help towards building a flight pen to release the injured bats back into the wild,” said Kelly Gayler, “ The nearest place able to soft release baby bats is currently in North Devon, so I am really excited to be able to set this up in Chudleigh!”

In second place were Marvelous Mummies, a mother and baby group and Chudleigh CAN, a support group for parents who have children with additional needs and their siblings- two groups offering vital support to local Chudleigh families.

Chudleigh Community Project, who run the swimming pool, the emerging Chudfix Repair Café and Chudleigh Pre-School also received smaller sums of money.

“This was a wonderful evening – it was great to hear about so many initiatives and to see connections being made between individuals and groups”, said Mary Anne McFarlane from SEARCH.


The first Buckfastleigh SOUP, Friday 26th October 2018

Around 60 people enjoyed the first Buckfastleigh SOUP community fundraising event in 2018. Held at the Town Hall, local community-benefiting projects bid for funding donated by the community, a local benefactor, and the two local Cllrs Nutley and Dennis.

This was the second SOUP event organised by Teignbridge CVS in the district and was well supported by the Town Council and particularly the mayor. Local people turned out to support their favourite projects, which included Dartmoor Skies (an Astronomy project), a Defibrillator scheme, the Christmas Fair Skating Rink, the local Sports & Dogwalkers Club and two young people’s groups.

After the the groups had pitched their projects there was plenty of delicious SOUP to enjoy (prepared by fabulous CVS volunteer Andrew MacGregor) along with wonderful loaves of freshly baked bread kindly donated by the local Moorbakes bakery. Votes were cast and the most popular projects were the Community Defibrillator scheme, Take Centre Stage Performing Arts Group and Buckfastleigh Wild Warriors, who were all awarded a share of the £700 taken.

All groups benefitted not just financially as the event was an excellent opportunity to network, promote their ideas and ask for volunteers as well as getting information about other funding sources.

SOUP community fundraising events initially started across the pond in the US in 2010 and are now run all over the UK. They are a relaxed, informal way to find out about, support and fund local community projects particularly suitable for small or innovative projects.

If you are interested in running or having a SOUP event in your community, please get in touch!

Contact: Anja at Teignbridge CVS