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Report: VCSE Teignbridge & S.Devon After Covid-19
Teignbridge CVS has collected information from voluntary and community groups operating across South Devon on the impact of Covid-19 on their services and how they are looking to the future for their
Funding available for COVID-19 activities
The following funds are available for organisations supporting the COVID-19 crisis.  Funds are listed with the newest at the top.  The Barclays Foundation (UK)  COVID-19 Community Aid
Free COVID-19 Funder Database
The Charity Excellence COVID-19 funder database holds data on 550 emergency funders for charities and community groups, and is searchable using a wide range of criteria, with click through to
Grants Online Covid-19 Database of UK Grants
Grants Online have made a list of grants for groups supporting the Covid-19 response.  See the list
Devon Funders
Devon County Council have 2 grants programmes under their Covid-19 Prompt Action Fund – for up to £5,000 for VCSE groups and their smaller grants programme. Under the COVID-19 Action Fund, DCC will