Teignbridge Volunteer Centre is the information and support service for people who want to volunteer within Teignbridge and the local area.

  • Enabling a young carer to attend a social event
  • Enjoying art and craft alongside people who are young, old or who have special needs
  • Administrating for a local charity
  • Offering a hand at a prison's visitor centre
  • Taking part in a conservation project
  • Visiting patients on a hospital ward
  • Supporting children to learn through play
  • Acting as an advocate for those who lack confidence or communication skills
  • Providing advice on a telephone helpline
  • Providing a bed and hot meal for a homeless young person for a night
  • Packing and distributing foodboxes for a local food bank

This is just a small sample of the hundreds of opportunities available locally. The Volunteer Centre can tell you more about what's involved, without any obligation.

What To Do Next?

You can explore the opportunities available on the Volunteer Connect Website (link above right), or call our Freephone Helpline on 0800 304 74 13

Our experience shows that taking time to find out about your interests, skills and motivations in a bit more detail enables us to give good quality advice and find the right volunteering opportunity for you. Alternatively we also offer phone and e-mail advice once you have registered with us.

The service is free, confidential and non-judgemental. As a volunteer, just a little of your time could make the world of difference to a voluntary or community group. Without volunteers, many organisations would not be able to provide valuable services to the local community. Plus, volunteers frequently find they get a lot more out of it than they put in!

Why do people volunteer?

There are many reasons why people decide to volunteer, ranging from wanting to make a difference, to meeting people, to getting an up-to-date reference.

Many organisations recognise the value of volunteering and Teignbridge CVS offers talks to groups of potential volunteers. The interactive session looks at definitions of volunteering, what volunteers can do, why people volunteer and what they get out of it, volunteering while on benefits, barriers to volunteering and how to overcome them, top skills for volunteers and how to get started. We keep this service as low-cost as we can. Get in touch for further details.

Teignbridge CVS Volunteering

Volunteering whilst on JSA / UC Benefits

If you want to get clear about volunteering whilst on benefits, read this handy guide produced by Leeds CVS: 

Volunteering and Job Seekers/Universal Credit

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